Get Involved

Why Volunteer?

Quite simply, the Scouts wouldn't happen without a whole range of volunteers:

  • The leaders and helpers who make the meetings happen every week so that young people gain skills for life, and take part in the range of activities they wouldn't find anywhere else;

  • The instructors who support the specialist activities like archery, climbing, kayaking or hillwalking which need extra training to run;

  • The administrators and executive committee members who help out with the admin so that our leaders can get on with running meetings;

  • The service teams who look after the maintenance of our buildings and campsite;

  • The commissioners who take on responsibilities for groups, and other specific areas of managing the district

We don't expect you to arrive as a fully formed "Bear Grylls", if you bring the enthusiasm then we'll bring the support and training to help you get the most out of it.

Urgent Vacancy - District Secretary

The district is currently advertising for a District Secretary to act as a trustee on our District Executive Committee.

The secretary is responsible for minuting 4-6 meetings each year, as well as helping our district chair to facilitate the running of the Executive Committee.

For more information please contact our chair Alan Hands.


We'll never throw you in at the deep end!

You'll get assigned a training advisor as a mentor to guide you through your early days in the Scout group, and the experienced leaders in the group will also let you slowly build up experience before taking on as much responsibility as you're looking to take on.

We offer a series of modules including the basics, outdoor skills, how to handle difficult situations, and first aid which you can fit over the course of several years.

Flexible volunteering

We know that everyone can't always commit to coming week, and are committed to flexible volunteering:

  • Letting your group know which weeks you can / can't make as part or a rota

  • Two leaders can share the responsibilities of a more senior role to help spread the load.

Young Leaders (14 - 18 years old)

Some things are best taught by your peers, and Scouting is no different.

Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts who volunteer with the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts helping them to build confidence, gain leadership skills and make friends.

The Young Leader Scheme can help with the service portion of the Chief / Queen Scout Awards and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, whilst also helping to build your personal statement for College / University applications or CV.

Queen Mary Students' Union

For 5 years we have partnered with Queen Mary University to offer volunteering opportunities to Scouts looking to continue with a group whilst studying, or students looking to try something new and exciting.

Our leaders have previously won the union's Student Volunteer of the Year award, helped on international camps (whilst taking personal time to go paragliding in the Swiss Alps), and earned their Queen's Scout Awards.

More importantly: they've made life long friends, gained new skills and confidence, and have helped to build their CVs when moving into their first jobs.

Want to know more?

Simple send an email to and we'll get in touch!

You can also get in touch with one of our groups directly, or use our contact form to get in touch.