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Complaints & Resolutions

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Situations are best resolved by talking and making sure everyone understands why you're unhappy, and what they can do to sort things out. We can't accept a complaint unless you've already tried to informally reach a resolution...

Complaints about Scouting in Hackney & Tower Hamlets are overseen by our Support Team Leader: Abdulmukith Ahmed, however, the person you want to contact will depend on which part of the Scouts you're issue lies with, and who is the Lead Volunteer.

Who handles your complaint?

If your complaint is about 

A Scout Group (Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts) the lead volunteer is the Group Scout Leader.

Explorer Scouts (or the Young Leader Scheme) the lead volunteer is the Explorer Scout Commissioner

A Group Scout Leader (or Explorer Commissioner) this should be made to the Support Team Lead (Abdulmukith Ahmed)

Abdulmukith can also advise you on the correct escalation if you are unsure.

(Complaints about Abdulmukith can be made to the District Commissioner / Lead Volunteer)


In line with The Scouts policy, complainants have one single right of appeal:

You cannot make a further appeal about a rejected appeal.

You cannot appeal the outcome of an appointment review, only the process leading up to the decision.


The Whistleblowing policy is for all volunteers who have a serious concern in regards to a breach of our standards or conduct. 

This policy makes sure that if a volunteer has a serious concern, they know how to raise it as soon as possible. The matter will be comprehensively investigated and the appropriate action taken.

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Provided that you have attempted to informally resolve an issue: you can use this form to submit complaints;

More information can be found at: