Creating the do-ers, and give-it-a-goers in Hackney & Tower Hamlets.

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6 & 7 years

8 - 10½ years 

10½ - 14 years 

14 - 18 years

18 - 25 years

We’re Scouts and everyone’s welcome here. 

Every week we give almost half a million people aged 6-25 the skills they need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.

Scouting is open to everyone. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, boys, girls - anyone who can make a promise to do their best and shares our values: Integrity, Respect, Care, Beliefs, and Co-operation.

Skills for life

In Hackney & Tower Hamlets we have over 1000 members (and are growing faster than at any point in the last 50 years.) 

0.1% of the population might not sound like a lot - but it means: